Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer project

I have a number of summer projects -- writing projects, moving projects (we're buying a home -- hooray! but that means we have move -- a little less hooray), reading projects -- but the biggest of the projects (okay, besides the house purchasing ...) is to archive the photos/albums from my grandparents house. When the family started cleaning out the house, I asked if I could take the photographs for now -- to digitally archive them so that they'd be preserved in an additional format. That way, we can share the best of the pictures, at least digitally.

It was agreed that this would be acceptable. I will pass the pictures on to my mother when I'm done, but I'll hold them for now.

I had no idea how very many photo albums there would be -- as well as miscellaneous boxes of already-mounted portraits of family members. This is going to take longer than I thought. But it will certainly keep me busy and out of trouble. Or something to that effect.

What you see above is a page from Volume One of my grandmother's photo albums. I'm working to preserve the early albums as full pages (because the notes are often funny) and as highlighted individual pictures. (Click on the above image for closer inspection.)

Hopefully, I'll be bringing those pictures to this blog in short order as well. I'll have enough to keep me going here for a long time to come (if I can keep things organized and remember what I've already posted ...)

The pictures span from nearly 100 years old to about 10 years old. That's a lot to work on. The page from above includes pictures from about 1936 or 1937.

More will come ...

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