Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting back to blogging

I've been a bit lax recently about posting pictures. Despite the fact that I didn't do a whole lot during the semester break, I didn't do much blogging here or anywhere.

And it really stinks because someone who lives in Atchison got in touch with me during the fall and sent me all these pictures of Aunt Gladys. I really need to share those with everyone -- and it's a reminder of how many connections we can find through the internet.

Anyway, I'm trying to post more (and it's something that I consider a sort-of-late-new-year's-resolution) -- and I'm trying to set a bunch of pictures to post during the next month or so. Hopefully, I won't repost any pictures, but my record keeping (and memory!) of what I've posted from Ruthe Cooper's first photo album is a little fuzzy at the moment.


Barbara said...

Who on earth sent you pictures from Atchison?

Emily said...

A woman named Dianne Howard. Her great-aunt was Ruth Hanson. Some of the pictures are definitely Dorothy and Gladys. Some are not -- and there are a couple I'm unsure about.

The internet is a pretty awesome thing sometimes.