Saturday, September 1, 2007

Back to School

Gah. This blog has been taken over by Emily and her family. I'd better post something related to my family before I'm disowned.

By the way-- how can a woman who teaches more classes and more students than I do find the time to keep up with her blogging?

Anyway, here are two pictures for your Saturday viewing pleasure. One is a photo of my siblings, the Zuckerman kids, and me on Easter. In the front we have Matthew Zuckerman and Molly Bradley. Michael Zuckerman and Steve Bradley are in the middle. Billy Zuckerman and I are in the rear. This picture makes you wonder, doesn't it? Why are all of these kids wearing the same shoes, and would they take your children away from you today if you put them in Member's Only jackets?

The other photo, in honor of the beginning of the new school year, is my school picture from... I dunno... maybe third grade? As you can tell from both of these photos, I look good in a clip-on tie. I should wear those more often.

Hope those of you who structure your lives around "semesters" rather than "months" or "years" are off to a pleasant and productive start as you return to campus.

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