Saturday, September 8, 2007

Something Old, Something New

So here's something a little embarrassing-- we've had this picture up on our wall for years now, right? And I always assumed that these were relatives of Emily's-- people whose names I forgot as Emily was explaining to me who they were.

So imagine my surprise earlier this week when Emily said, "I scanned in the picture of your grandfather and great-grandmother Bradley, so you can put it on the blog if you want."

"We don't have a picture of my great-grandmother Bradley," I replied. As far as I knew, no such person had ever existed, even.

"Yes we do, you cretin," Emily replied, grabbing me by my hair and forcing me into the hallway where we have all of our old family photos hanging up. "There, halfwit!" she shrieked. "Do you see? That's your great-grandmother." Then she bashed my head into the wall.

It might not have happened exactly like that. To be honest, I'd been sniffing glue the entire afternoon.

Anyway, neither of those people lived to see January 8, 2005, which was their loss because Emily and I threw an incredible party that night. I guess we had a busy afternoon, too, though I can't really remember-- I'd been sniffing glue.

Anyway, this crowd of drunkards includes (from the left) our friends Mike Kardos and Katie Pierce, my sister Molly Bradley (behind Kardos), my Aunt Cathy Baronofsky, our friend Michael Piafsky behind her talking to my mom, Ann (Cook) Bradley, my cousin Chip's wife Christie Bradley, talking to my cousin Mary Jo (Archibeck) Dawson, my cousin-in-law Danny Beets, and what looks like my second cousin Katie Jo Dawson. In the background, you can see the bride herself talking to... someone. I can't really tell if that's someone I know, or one of the many people I met that night and haven't seen since.

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Emily said...

I'm talking to your Aunt Ellie. Though that's a little difficult to see clearly.

Also, Great grandmother Bradley's name was Mary (Casey) Bradley. The original picture was taken in about 1914or 1915 ... Bradley's mother kindly made us that copy a few years ago.