Friday, February 25, 2011

Schlitz My Birthday...

... so in honor of that, I figured I'd post a picture from the Br side of the BrIsaacson family for the first time in, like, years.

.From left to right, we have my Aunt Anne (Bradley) Bonney, my father Joseph (the man behind the Schlitz) Bradley, and my aunt Mary Ellen "Ellie" (Bradley) Archibeck. I don't really have any specific information about when this photo was taken-- in fact, I just kinda stumbled upon this CD labelled "BradFamilyPix" which was either created by Emily or my mother-- but, judging by the fashion, the decor, and my dad's haircut and physique, I'm guessing early 70s. 1973, maybe? Definitely before I was born. And I'm 35 today, in case you were wondering.

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