Sunday, April 27, 2008

Corny ...

Sorry. I couldn't help myself. What a bad title.
Barbara and Kent eating corn on the cob. The picture cracks me up -- as it probably did my grandmother or grandfather who took the picture. I'm not exactly sure why Barbara is standing next to Kent in the picture -- has she been told to pose? Is she giving him corn-eating lessons? Are they having a contest?

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Anonymous said...

This must be 1956 or maybe 1957. It's the college-owned duplex on 19th Avenue South. I only vaguely remember the kitchen so it's fun to see this. I can identify my Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit mug on the table! I'm sure Grandpa (who took most of the pictures) told me to go stand next to Kent. Of course, it could just be the bossy big sister showing him stuff, too.