Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coopers and non-Coopers

Here are Josephine and Will Cooper and their adult children. Josie is seated in the front and Will is standing next to her.

Behind them, left to right, are Dorothy Leighton, Kenneth, Gladys, and Harold.

To match this is, of course, the obligatory spousal shot. Left to right are Esther Cooper (Harold's wife), Frank Leighton (Dorothy's husband), and Ruthe Cooper (Kenneth's wife).

On further inspection of the pictures, I have to admit that I'm a little puzzled by the centerpiece on the table. It looks like something for Christmas, but I can't quite figure out if those are really supposed to be reindeer or if this is actually a pair of Easter pictures and those are bunnies. Actually, the women are wearing short sleeves, so likely this is a Spring or summer shot. Those are definitely not reindeer.

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