Monday, April 14, 2008

The Swedish connections

My aunt sent me this picture of my paternal grandfather's older brother's family (got that?). Anyway, this is Teodor, his wife Fydia, and the kids -- the sons are Folke, Ake, the daughters, Gunvar and Eva. Teodor is in the middle, his wife is second from the right.

Don't ask me which kid is which -- I'm not sure. (And family, tell me if I'm spelling names incorrectly.)


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MD Corp said...


Sorry to intrude but I am an old friend of your cousin, Brooke Bonney and her mother, Anne. I haven't talked to them in years and I was happy to discover their pictures in your blog. I hope all is still well with them (and with you, too!) If you wouldn't mind, please send them my love when next you speak.

Thank you!

Mara Yoresh