Monday, August 20, 2007

A Brief Word About This Blog

If you take a gander to the left, you'll see that we've set up some links that we thought might be of interest to friends and family members. The first collection of links deals with the academic and creative work Emily and I do. Well, actually, it's just me at the moment-- my work has been reprinted on the web more than Emily's has, it seems. Nevertheless, she'll probably have some stuff to add to that list sooner or later.

The second collection of links deals with friends and family members who have some type of web presence. We've got Carl and Jonathan Isaacson's blogs, websites devoted to our friends Bob and Natalia's books, and the websites for the newspapers my brother and my father work for. If you're a friend or family member with a blog or website, let us know and we'll add you to the list.

The final selection is just kind of general interest stuff that we're into. You can learn more about where we went to school, or our current fields of study (Renaissance Literature for Emily, Creative Nonfiction for me). You can also browse our Shelfari shelves to get a sense of what we've read (and what books we've loved, liked, and hated). And you can also learn more about the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, which Emily has been involved with since she was very young and I've been involved with since we got married in one of their churches.

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