Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trivial Pursuits

These pictures were taken a few days before my cousin Katie (Bradley) Bridges's wedding in January of 1998. I was going to refer to these pictures as "recent" photos of my dad's side of the family, but I guess it's been almost a decade, huh? Time flies when you're in graduate school...

Anyway, these photos show my family involved in one of our favorite violent activities-- full contact Trivial Pursuit. The rules of full contact Trivial Pursuit are just like regular Trivial Pursuit, except that in this version, someone (usually a man whose last name is Bradley) eventually gets fed up and starts an argument, yelling one of the following things:

A) "When did this game get so damn politically-correct?"
B) "That was for pie?!"
C) "Oh, okay-- we can see who got the easy box this time!"
D) "You don't have to be so obnoxious about it!"

Following this outburst, someone else-- usually a woman who married into the Bradley family, will say "Okay, Bill/Ben/Joe/Whoever-- that's enough." And then the game concludes once one team answers their final question while the other team just shakes its collective head in silent rage, while the same woman from before mutters to another woman at the table, "That's it. That's the last time I play this game with those asses." Then, we play again for double or nothing.

In the top picture, we can see my Aunt Anita (Wickstrom) Bradley, cousin Brooke Bonney, and brother Steve Bradley. In the lower picture, we've got my sister, Molly Bradley, as well as my mom, Ann (Cook) Bradley, cousin Bernard "Chip" Bradley, and Aunt Anne (Bradley) Bonney.

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