Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kenneth and Ruthe

Here are my maternal grandparents, Kenneth and Ruthe (Meeker) Cooper. The picture was taken in 1947 -- they had just moved to Nashville from Columbia, Missouri. Kenneth, having graduated from the University of Missouri with a Ph.D. in history, took a job at Peabody College (now the education school for Vanderbilt).

I particularly like this picture because they look so very serious -- this is actually an unusual look for them.

The way Grandma and Grandpa would tell the story about how they met: she would explain that she met him at a dinner in college, where he was seated opposite of her. She said that he made her laugh.

"And we haven't stopped laughing since," Grandpa would reply.

(Grandpa still sometimes writes really funny captions to pictures ... if I can find one of those I'll put it up).

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