Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chicken lamps

Anyone who has been to our apartment will probably have noted that we have a few chickens in the kitchen (the decorating kind, not the eating kind. Those are in the freezer, not hanging above the sink). Chickens are important to the Isaacsons -- we have an unfortunate history of giving each other chickens. Chicken ornaments, chicken curios, chickens on dish towels, etc. I am oddly obsessed with the chickens in Key West.*

So, why the chickens? Well, that all has to do with the lovely (ahem) chicken lamps that my grandmother had in her living room. (This is me standing at my grandmother's couch).

Take a closer look:

Nice, huh? The threat was always that the chicken lamps would be part of my inheritance. They're long gone now, but somehow, I've gotten into the habit of buying chickens for decor.

*Except for the part where they pooped all over our car on our last trip.

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