Sunday, August 19, 2007


Welcome to our new blog.

In recent years, Emily and I have found ourselves the recipients of lots of old family photos. Actually, Emily's always been interested in her family's history; I've only recently begun to cultivate this interest myself.

Our house is now full of pictures-- we even have an entire wall of mostly black and white photos of mostly long-dead relatives. Lately, Emily's been working to scan all of these photographs into her computer, so that in the case of fire or flood damage (or theft, I suppose-- though it's hard to imagine that there's a huge black market demand for pictures of our great-grandparents), these valuable records won't necessarily be lost.

Which brings us to this blog. Since we're storing these pictures electronically, it made sense to us to share them with interested friends and relatives (and strangers too, I suppose-- if you're into looking at pictures of someone else's mom's cousins, knock yourself out). We'll be updating this blog every so often with pictures that tickle our fancy-- some may be as recent as Emily's summer trip to Japan from a couple of months ago, whereas others go back to the early part of the 20th century. And we'll try to say something pithy or interesting about them, too.

Oh, one other thing-- the name of this blog. My last name is Bradley; my wife's last name is Isaacson. BrIsaacson. You know?


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